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Part/Section of Title 30 CFR: 56.11012 Date: 07/20/2017 Negligence: Moderate District: NC

Condition or Practice:
On the Euclid R-35 haul truck #4 the drivers door would open all the way leaving an opening of about 36 inches past the provided rail. This exposes a miner to the hazard of falling through the unprotected opening which could result in a lost workdays or restricted duty type...

Action to Terminate:
A chain was added to the door allowing about a 12 inch opening between the provided rail and the door...

Part/Section of Title 30 CFR: 56.14100c Date: 08/26/2016 Negligence: Moderate District: NC

Condition or Practice:
The Ingersoll Rand DM30 Drill is missing the Rod Changer/Rod Catcher/Rod Support. With this piece missing the miner has to use his hand to guide the drill steel into place. The miner has to perform this activity every 26 feet drilled when connecting a new piece of drill steel. Performing...

Action to Terminate:
The Rod Changer was found in the shop and installed on the Ingersoll Rand DM30 drill. Therefore terminating the cited...

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