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Section: 56.18010
Date: 04/18/2011
District: NC
Negligence: Moderate
Injury or Illness: Unlikely
Injury or illness could be expected to be: Fatal
Significant and Substantial: No

Condition or Practice: No one at the mine site is currently trained in first aid. The last training received expired in February 2010. This exposes a person to the hazard of not properly assessing the injury.

Action to Terminate: None listed

Why this concerns you: 30 CFR §56/57.18010 First Aid
An individual capable of providing first aid shall be available on all shifts. The individual shall be currently trained and have the skills to perform patient assessment and artificial respiration; control bleeding; and treat shock, wounds, burns, and musculoskeletal injuries. First aid training shall be made available to all interested miners.

This standard requires that each mine have a person available capable of providing first aid on all shifts. The capable person is required to be able to perform patient assessment and artificial respiration; control bleeding; and treat shock, wounds, burns, and musculoskeletal injuries. First aid training must also be made available to all interested miners.

There is no MSHA policy for this standard

Recently we received a citation from a field inspector citing that we did not have adequate CPR/First Aid training at the site. Our company had 2 employees at the site full time. We had a subcontract company also located a the site that had employees that had received the CPR/First Aid training and were available in case of an emergency. The subcontract company has a financial interest in the location. Management was aware of the situation.

The filed inspector cited us for not having adequately trained personnel at the site since the subcontractor could feasibly leave the location.

The first line of the regulation states “An individual capable of providing first aid shall be available on all shifts” which we did. Simply implying that it could happen does not mean it did happen or would happen. Again management was aware of the training situation.

The field inspectors need to stay with the facts. It is time that our industry hold MSHA accountable for their field agents. It is not fair to have our industry have to hit a moving target – MSHA should model OSHA – take a stand, write a standard and stick with it.

Abatement Suggestions From Industry

Is it the fact that no one was trained in first aid, or that the certification expired in February 2010? Can you show proof that miners had been trained and know the proper first aid skills. This citation is as if at the stroke of midnight Feb. 1st. the workers were over-come by first aid amnesia and could not aid an injured person. 2011 may be the year of the MSHA paperwork citation blitz.
- posted on 04/19/2011

One might argue that the individual WAS currently trained. He may not be currently "certified", but it can't be denied he was trained. as alluded, he didn't magically lose all his knowledge on the anniversary.
- posted on 04/19/2011

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