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Section: 56.4601
Date: 05/22/2013
Negligence: Moderate
Injury or Illness: Unlikely
Injury or illness could be expected to be: Lost Workdays or Restricted Only
Significant and Substantial: No

Condition or Practice: Oxygen cylinders were stored in close proximity to petroleum-based oils and
grease in the Shop. A compressed oxygen cylinder, part of an oxy-acetylene
torch set, was observed stored approximately 2 feet from drive train fluid,
and approximately 4 feet from several other oil vessels in the oil storage
area. Additionally, several full oxygen cylinders were observed stored within
6 feet of grease containers. This condition represents an increased fire
hazard to miners, who would be exposed to burns and/or smoke inhalation in the
event of a fire accelerated by the compressed oxygen cylinder(s).

Action to Terminate: The operator has removed the oxygen cylinders from the Shop in order to
comply with the standard.

Why this concerns you: It isn't what is written in the actual citation that is concerning. It is the fact that I was instructed in order to comply I had to have the Oxgen Cylinders 25 ft from any petroleum-based oils or grease. Since I was unable to find a location in the shop I had to move the cylinders out of the facility. No where in the 30CFR will you find this standard of 25 FT, it was borrowed from a standard involving how close items can be to a magazine for explosives.

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